Welcome to Woodland Forest Church, fondly known also as the church on the hill.

Obvious to all who enter our doors is that God has called together a remarkable group of Christian men and women at WFC. It’s no secret that this church family loves and cares for each other and our surrounding community.
Our ministry is based on Christ’s mandate that we love the Lord with heart, mind, soul, and strength and that we love each person in the way that He loves them—unconditionally and without judgment.
Yes, we are unique among Baptists. We encourage both men and women who are called by God to serve as deacons or ministers to do so in whatever way God leads them. Our prayer is that God will use us all according to God’s will to show Christ to our community and in far-reaching ways, perhaps unknown to us at this time.
Our church is a delightful blend of age, culture, and giftedness. What we share in common is a desire to know God more and walk together in this life according to the example of Christ. If you are looking for a church family, Woodland Forest Church will welcome you with open arms and hearts.
We’ll be watching for you at the church on the hill.
Joy and Blessings!

Pastor Mary An